How many gummies or capsules do I take? 

You should chew either two gummies or take two capsules before bedtime with a full glass or bottle of water. 

Is the gummie just a probiotic?


No. Our Cul J 48 Hour Gummy  cleanse has a probiotic in it with additional ingredients for colon health. 

Is the gummie for children ? 

No. The gummies are for adults ages 17 or over.


Why do I have to drink a minimum of 70 ounces of water with either cleanse? 

To avoid any abdominal pain or discomfort. Even without water the cleanses will attempt to clean your colon out. Without water it make it VERY difficult to flush your body out. It’ll attempt to do that so please DRINK lots of water. Water is LIFE: 

Is this a WEIGHT loss product? 
Absolutely NOT! This is a waste loss product.